1. How do I get my warranty?

On the rare occasion that our product is defective, you can submit a support ticket here. Be sure to include the invoice/proof of purchase and the issue with the product on the support ticket. We only provide lifetime warranty to products bought from authorized iMBAPrice™ product sellers. A list of authorized sellers can be found here.

2. Will I be charged anything for my replacement?

If you live in the contiguous United States, there will be no shipping charges for the first year after the product is bought. For international and the other two non-contiguous State, there will be a fee to cover the shipping costs of sending the old defective product and the new replacement product.

3. Oh no, I bought from an unauthorized seller. Am I still eligible for the lifetime warranty? 

Unfortunately no. Our iMBAPrice™ warranty does not cover unauthorized sellers. If you have bought from an unauthorized seller, the product you have bought is most likely a counterfeit iMBAPrice™ product. We would highly appreciate it if you report the unauthorized seller to us -- in fact, we may appreciate it enough to send you a replacement product anyways. For a list of our authorized sellers, click here.

4. Why do I have to pay for shipping?

Your replacement iMBAPrice product is absolutely zero cost to you. When we mean lifetime warranty, we honestly mean it. If you were to walk into our office and hand us your old defective product, we will gladly hand you a brand new product. However, we believe it would be very inconvenient for most of y'all to fly down to Texas, and so there is a small shipping fee to cover the two way mailing costs of your product.